It's time to tame the chaos and build sustainable value 


Move forward with your technology

Technology inspires us to achieve more. To do better. To go further, faster

But with emerging technology comes challenges, and getting things done gets harder with time. The Exchange Collective tames the chaos with a pragmatic consultative approach to commercialising your technology.

We’re always there for you using our breadth of experience to build sustainable value for clever technology, because good technology moves us forward. And if you want to move forward, you need to know the way. 


Challenges we love 

Get your idea to market  

We help you get traction early using low-code solutions so that you can quickly find the product, market and customer fit while bootstrapping. 

Get traction with your existing tech

You've invested in some great technology but it isn't hitting your sales targets. We help you get your technology to markets and industries that value it. 

Get investment ready

You've got traction and you are ready to take things to the next level. We help bring everything together to streamline your investment process. 

Meet ambitious targets

You've got funding, you've got targets and now you need to make them happen. We help you grow sustainably with right-sized people, processes and tools.  

Traditional consulting model not right for you?



We are on the lookout for promising ideas that need hard work to be brought to life in exchange for 'sweat' equity. Ideal opportunities should take on at least 5% equity for services, coaching, or other roles as agreed. 

We also provide pro-bono coaching and speaking engagements for organisations aligned to our values - contact us for further information. 


It’s time to get help from someone who’s done this before

The Exchange Collective is fronted by Erin Clark, who has been growing businesses for over 20 years as a ‘specialist generalist’ covering commercialisation end-to-end.

Keeping an eye on business improvement is process specialist Damien Fitzpatrick, who configures off the shelf technologies to reduce admin headaches. 

As the name suggests though, this really is a collective. Our network of specialists cover all industries and skillsets; which means we can bring in the right people at the right time, and because they work with us, you know they’re clever.


“Emerging technology companies need innovative ecosystems to be able to truly deliver, and they’re often a bespoke blend of people and intelligent technology with a strong customer focus”


“Nobody likes admin. Complex paper trails and processes make it impossible for organisations to scale. With the right knowledge and expertise, off the shelf tools are faster and easier than you might think. ”


We've worked with some cool brands

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Meet Iggy

Iggy the rhino embodies working with The Exchange Collective in many ways:

• He’s a solitary creature, but he has many symbiotic relationships

•Like our knowledge, his horn grows for his entire lifetime

• He smells things coming a mile away

• He has no natural predators

• He sometimes makes some really weird noises 



Join The Exchange Collective

Unique challenges require unique people, so we set up an easy way to get together and talk about getting stuff done. With food. And wine.

The Exchange Collective Events are our philanthropic endeavour to connect with likeminded creators and innovators. People who usually wouldn’t get together, sharing ideas and building relationships.

Our events for people who don't like networking are on hiatus. But the Collective is still here for. 


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